Frequently Asked Questions 

What do you do at your Sunday service?

​ Our Sunday gatherings begin at 10 AM and last about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Please feel free to arrive early and grab a coffee or doughnut.  Announcements will start playing about 10 minutes before the service starts with singing.  Music will last about 25 minutes, then our pastor will give a thoughtful and encouraging message for about 35 minutes.  After that, we will have a time of reflection where people can come forward for prayer, counseling, or participate in the Lord's Supper (some call this Holy Communion). Then we have an offering and dismiss with a song.  Although the service will end by 11:20, feel free to grab another coffee and hang-out for a time of fellowship or meeting with our pastor. If you are a guest, and you do not have lunch plans, our pastor would love to have you over to their house for lunch.

What should I wear to church?

​  Since we value authenticity and a relaxed atmosphere, most people at Cross Church will dress casually—the way they would dress if attending dinner at the home of a close friend.  Since our pastor will be wearing jeans, you may feel over dressed in a tie or formal attire. 

Do you offer child care during church?

​  Yes, we provide childcare for infants through the fifth grade.  All of our children’s workers are certified and have had extensive background checks.  Our secure check-in system provides several layers of security for the safety of your child.  For more information about our children’s ministry, contact

Will I be asked to give money if I visit?

​  No—guests of Cross Church are not pressured to give money to Cross Church.  This service is our gift to you. 

Is Cross Church a Denominational Church?

No. Cross Church is an autonomous, independent, self-governing church.  We do not identify as Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal, or any other denomination.  We are not a non-denominational church nor an interdenominational church.  We are a Cross Church.  That means we are a Cross-Centered, God-enjoying, Holy Spirit-filled, church focused on the message and person of Jesus Christ as revealed through God’s Word, the Bible. We gather for the purpose of learning to glorify God by enjoying him with an ever-increasing capacity.  Nevertheless, we do partner with many like-minded churches, associations, and conventions to reach Greater Portland and the world with the message and person of Jesus Christ.   For instance, we collaborate with and support The North American Mission Board (NAMB) and The International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention as well as other like-minded, local churches.